Just Wait Until…

There was a time when in my mind I had to wait until…

  • I’ll wait until I lose 25-30 lbs. to do a business photo shoot, wear a certain outfit or go on a vacation etc.
  • I will wait until, I can clear my damaged skin to do XYZ.
  • I will wait until, I have (X) amount of money to start investing in a new venture or building upon what I have already.
  • I will wait until, I am living in my dream home to start planning for my dream lifestyle.
  • I will wait until my kids are (X) age to start enjoying life and being social

Let me tell you, if I waited until all the things mentioned above are where I imagined; I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today. I wouldn’t have accomplished any of my goals. I wouldn’t have grown half as much; as I have to this very day.

In reality, we do not realize how much we “EVOLVE” during the times we feel “DEFEATED” and “INCAPABLE”! We must push ourselves and challenge our doubts and fears.

How often do you say this statement to yourself? How many blessings and opportunities have you passed up, because you are planning on the… “I will wait until!”

Don’t wait…. get started today! Your dreams and visions will never come to fruition if you keep waiting until…


~Shardae Nichole~