How I can help you….

My primary goal is to identify your thoughts behind your passion, design a plan and turn it into a profit. I will prepare you to design a plan, build a brand, and execute.

PLAN- No More Playing!

Vivid Consulting takes time to learn about your passion….

It’s as simple as scheduling your consultation. We take the time to listen to your needs and goals for your new, or existing business. Our goal? To make planning simple, fast and manageable.


BRAND- Support Every Step of the Way

With many years of experience Shardae will take time to design a plan that speaks to your desired brand…

Transforming your ideas into ACTION sounds terrifying. Don’t worry-we have created a fun, creative and eye opening journey to take the fear out of ACTION!


EXECUTE- Practical Yet Powerful

Planning for the perfect brand launch to turn your passion + profit is vital for execution…

After all the planning and branding of your business you will be prepared for launch day. You will be setup to grow your business and grow with it using all the tools and resources provided during your process.

Being able to see your challenges as a unique opportunity to transform your passion to profit is my celebration!