Travel Saved My Life!

One day I looked up and realized that traveling had become my companion. I felt safe, peaceful and most of all I felt renewed mentally, physically and emotionally. Most people see travel in many ways, but for me it was my safe place. An opportunity to revamp, reinvent myself and rejoice! I always loved traveling, but didn’t really start until after I became widowed. I saw it as an opportunity to get a break from everything life threw at me from time to time. The hustle and bustle of everyday life took me for a spin many days… however, I knew crying, stopping or giving up was never really an option so I had to find another outlet, something positive and something that would leave an impression on my children. So, I decided to travel.

In those times, I felt like I was evolving. Evolving into the woman I have become today: fearless, living a life of purpose and taking risks without hesitation. I have learned to embrace life as it comes and find beauty in whatever is around me in that moment.

Evolving has been one of my greatest accomplishments yet!